To put it simply, Got-it Box receives your deliveries and keeps them secure when you’re not home.

Missed deliveries and stolen packages are common problems around the world. Got-it Box was created to offer a secure solution for these frustrating problems; it can receive many items of all different sizes while making your life more convenient at the same time. Stop scheduling your days around shipping companies and local couriers. Stop rushing to the pickup depot before it closes at the end of the day. Start letting Got-it Box save you time and money. 

When you're not spending your time and gas money travelling to pickup packages you can do other things. Shopping online for your everyday items can help you save money and eliminate your travel-time to stores throughout the week. Once you remove the delivery hassle you're dealing with now, Got-it Box makes it all easier! Welcome to the world of Guaranteed First Time Delivery! 

Choose the one that best suits your lifestyle: