Got-it Box makes life easy. We have a unique product that will benefit consumers, retailers and couriers. 

As retailers, you carefully guide your customers through their online shopping experiences. After suggesting shipping options you wish you could guarantee a successful delivery, but unfortunately you can't. We know that you never want to hear that customers haven't received their orders; it's a bad experience for everyone. Show your customers you care. Prove that you're taking steps to help guarantee successful deliveries from your online store. Support Got-it Box! 

Were your sales, like so many retailers, affected by the weather in the first quarter of 2014? Encourage your customers to shop online all year-round, during any type of weather. Let Got-it Box owners know that you're happy to deliver to their Got-it Boxes. 

And what's in it for you? Your logo will be featured on the Got-it Box website to show current and potential customers that your business supports online shopping and hassle-free delivery. Let's not forget that you'll feel great about your items arriving to customers with a guaranteed first time delivery! 

Help us get the word out about Got-it Box and make deliveries easier for everyone. 

To get started, download our Retailer Support Registration form, complete the form and return via

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