It’s easy to use a Got-it Box!

Let's say you're shopping online and you want to receive your items securely but you're not sure how to communicate this to the delivery person. With a Got-it Box, you can do this a few different ways: 

1. Shop with online retailers who have special shipping instructions or comment sections on their checkout pages. Add a note to this section asking them to add your Got-it Box instructions to the package and then include your instructions. 

Something like, "I have a Got-it Box to receive deliveries when I'm not home. Could you please enter #_ _ _ _ on the PIN pad, press FACTO to open, insert the package and then press FACTO again to lock it up. Thanks for delivering to my Got-it Box!"  
It never hurts to say thank you :) 

2. Use the second address line to leave your got-it Box PIN number: 

3. Leave your Got-it Box unlocked with instructions for the delivery person to lock it up, by pressing FACTO, once they make their deliveries.

When you're expecting deliveries from sources other than delivery services you can simply communicate with them about accessing your Got-it Box. Easy!