FAQ (1st draft)

What is Got-it Box? 
Got-it Box has many uses. It has been designed with ultimate utility in mind  for today’s fast-paced lives. Our goal with Got-it Box is to make life easy. 
We encourage Got-it Box owners to use this product in any way that makes their lives more convenient. 
Your Got-it Box offers variety, here are some of the uses we’ve thought of:
Shop online
Share items with friends and neighbours
Donate to charities, teams and fundraisers when you’re not home
Order dinner from local restaurants while you’re on the way home
Grocery delivery
Dry cleaning delivery (use the built in hanging rack)
Floral delivery
Bring your Got-it Box inside
• Use your Got-it Box in your dorm room
Use your Got-it Box in your garage
Lock up your clothes so your sister can’t steal your favourite sweater
Lock up anything you wouldn’t want your kids to find (use your imagination!) 

Get creative with your Got-it Box and let us know what you’re using it for!

How does Got-it Box work? 
Whether you’re ordering online, borrowing something from a friend or leaving a donation for someone who is fundraising, just give the pin number to the person you’re expecting to access your Got-it Box. 
For online orders you can include the pin number and information about your Got-it Box (location, how to access it, etc.) in the special shipping instructions section of the website you’re ordering from. For more info click here (link to early adopters page).  
For sharing with friends and neighbours, simply give them the pin number before they plan to stop by.  
When donating something to a charity, local team or fundraiser contact them to say that you won’t be home but they can access your Got-it Box to receive your donation with the pin number. This may come in handy for bottle drives, food drives, used clothing, etc.  
Can I schedule a courier pickup from the Got-it Box?

Of course you can!
Simply supply the pin number and information about your Got-it Box (location, how to access it, etc.) in the special shipping instructions section of the website you’re ordering from. For more info click here.

How is the delivery person going to access the Got-it Box?
When it comes to  ordering online, some websites will give you the option to include special shipping instructions. This is the best spot to give directions on how to use the Got-it Box. 
You’ll want to mention where the Got-it Box is on your property, the pin number for opening and then how to lock it up again. 
Here’s a sample of what our Got-it Box team has been using when ordering items to their Got-it Boxes:
I have a Got-it Box on my front porch. This is a lockable mailbox that I use to collect my packages when I’m not home. Could you please enter #_ _ _ _ then press the FACTO button to open the Got-it Box, place the package inside, close the door and press FACTO again to lock it up. 
The Got-it Box keeps my packages secure until I get home and also promises a first time delivery! 
Thanks for delivering to my Got-it Box! 
Does my Got-it Box come assembled? 
We will be offering the option to order the Got-it Box assembled (with additional charge) or as flat stock (assembly required). Delivery is available for those located in Calgary and surrounding areas. 
What are the dimensions of the Got-it Box? 


The Got-it Box door opening is 32.5" x 20" 
Volume 7.5 cubic feet

What is the Got-it Box made out of?

The Got-it Box is made from anodized aluminum. This material was chosen for it's strength and durability. Anodized aluminum won't rust so it can be exposed to weather.  

How does it lock?
There is an electronic deadbolt lock on the front of the Got-it Box door. You can access the lock with either a key or a pin number. 
How do I program the pin number? 
Your Got-it Box will include a detailed manual for the lock. You can program up to six pin numbers between four and ten digits each.  There is also an option to create disposable, one-time use pin numbers. 
Can I change the lock?

If you decide that you'd like to use a different lock for your Got-it Box you're in luck. The Got-it Box was designed so that the lock can be replaced with any standard entry-door lock. 


Where should I install my Got-it Box?
This is completely up to you. If you’re planning to ship items to your Got-it Box, the best spot to install would be where you usually receive packages. Choose the spot that you think would be easily accessible to delivery companies, friends and neighbours.
For best exterior results install Got-it Box in a covered area, away from sprinklers, etc.    
Can I secure my Got-it Box?
Yes, your Got-it Box can be secured into any type of substrate (wood, concrete, etc.) using the substrate mounting bracket located in the bottom of the Got-it Box. Complete assembly and installation instructions will be included. 
Will my Got-it Box receive mail as well as packages? 
Yes. There is a mail slot at the top of your Got-it Box. When expecting sensitive documents, simply inform the courier company that your Got-it Box has a mail slot. 
Does Got-it Box have a warranty?
Yes. There is a one year limited warranty included.