Early Adopters

As an early adopter of Got-it Box you may need to help us educate the retailers and delivery companies about this new parcel drop box  in the market place. We hope that this is something you see value in and we appreciate that you believe in this product.

We’re working hard to communicate to various retailers and delivery companies that this product can only improve their businesses. As consumers we want the most efficient, convenient service. We understand that retailers and delivery companies only want that for us as well; so why not work together to reach this end goal? It can only lead to seamless transactions and happy customers.

At GIB we believe in transparency. We want to be up-front about this so early Got-it Box adopters know that there could be a learning curve within the market place. We believe in Got-it Box and all it can do to improve lives where efficiency and convenience are concerned. So, let’s champion this product together and help retailers and delivery companies to understand that Got-it Box will make everything better for everyone when ordering, shipping and receiving.  

Thanks for being an early adopter! 

Sample for special shipping instructions:

I have a Got-it Box on my front porch. This is a lockable mailbox that I use to collect my packages when I'm not home. Could you please enter #_ _ _ _ on the PIN pad, press FACTO to open, insert the package and then press FACTO again to lock it up. The Got-it Box keeps my packages secure until I get home and also promises a first time delivery. Thanks for delivering to my Got-it Box!