Subscription shopping and monthly packages

There's a new way to shop and it seems pretty fun! 

Here's the gist: look for subscription boxes online, find the ones that fit your style, place your order and then get ready to receive awesome packages each month!

So, what kind of packages are available? All kinds! It's pretty neat to see what's out there. 

Birchbox launched in 2010. They say that they are "the best way to shop for beauty and grooming products." After you join, you'll receive a monthly delivery of beauty, grooming and lifestyle samples tailored to your profile. It seems pretty popular, as they've been getting some really positive press! 


Ipsy is very similar to Birchbox, but they ship to Canada! With each monthly delivery you get five items along with a makeup bag. 


In 2012, the Dollar Shave Club was formed. Depending on which razor you choose, the price can range from $4 to $10 a month. According to the testimonials on their site, being a member saves you about $100 a year in razors! They have a very entertaining ad that's definitely worth a minute and a half of your time! 


The list could go on and on, really. Besides the three beauty and grooming examples, you can subscribe to monthly packages from companies offering natural food products, pet food and toys, university care packages, books, etc. The best site to help narrow your search seems to be:

Some of the packages from these companies have mystery items, chosen by stylists and gurus in their fields. That seems to be the fun part for most people receiving them. If you're happy with the products and want more you can buy from the sites where you received their packages. Perfect! 

And it's not just the niche markets getting into subscription packages. Target just launched their own subscription delivery service! The difference with their subscription program is that you select the products you receive on a monthly basis. It's easy, you can choose from categories of everyday essentials: baby, grocery, health, beauty, household essentials, personal care, pets, and home & office. They even offer free shipping and discounts. This service seems to be exclusive to the United States right now but we'll keep an eye our for it to be introduced in Canada. If you live in the United States, why wouldn't you want to start subscribing for your everyday items?


TOMS Roasting Club is our final example, though we could go on for days about subscription shopping!
TOMS is known for their One-for-One program. The business model is this: you buy a pair of shoes and they give a pair to a child in need. Simple as that. Since applying that model to shoes they've grown to incorporate sunglasses, household items, clothes, jewelry and even coffee! Their coffee department is where we found the subscription shopping option! And why not, really? If you're like so many other people, you need to keep your coffee stocked up; you never want to run out of your favourite brew! Once a month you can receive your fix of coffee in the mail, all while providing clean water to areas that need help.
Why water? You can read a letter from the TOMS creator here to find out about that decision. 


Are you sold on subscription shopping yet?! 

Subscription shopping is even easier when you can have your items shipped to a Got-it Box. With so many new ways to shop and receive items these days, Got-it Box is the solution for keeping your packages secure.  

If you find a subscription you'd like to participate in check to see if they offer special shipping instructions. If they don't ask them to add that to their website so you can secure the monthly deliveries to your Got-it Box. They'll be happy to know you're interested in their items and want to keep them secure once they're delivered!