Special shipping instructions and retailers

When shopping online we don't usually worry about shipping and delivery options until after we've chosen the items we're buying. Once we're ready we take a few seconds to review our orders and decide what shipping method best suits our needs. It seems simple enough but what if we need to give the delivery person a special instruction on where to leave the package? 

Some retail websites offer this option and some don't. In today's market, with so many shopping options and a very high number of delivery complaints, we're shocked to see how many online retailers don't offer special shipping instructions.

Adding special shipping instructions to websites can make things easier for the customers as well as the delivery folks. Allowing customers to include messages on their packaging to the courier gives them a sense of security. Some consumers only shop from online retailers who offer special shipping instructions because they've had packages stolen in the past. There are negative stories all over the internet about bad shipping/delivery experiences. Customers get upset with the delivery companies while others are frustrated because retailers say they can't do anything to help them if something goes wrong in the final steps of their experience. Adding a special shipping instructions section, special delivery section or a comments section could eliminate potential problems.

We've been looking at many websites, determining who has special shipping instructions and who doesn't. Rather than make a list we've decided to contact the companies and ask them about adding this feature to their retail websites. Change takes time though, so the more people who reach out to online companies the better. If online retail stores start to notice that people are asking for this option then they'll make the switch. Let's not forget that it benefits everyone including them. If delivery problems lessen because their customers had the chance to include special instructions then it's a win-win! 

Just a tip for anyone wondering- when we order from websites that have special shipping instructions we can expect to see our packages arrive with the instructions on the side of the box.
Like this:

David'sTea has special shipping instructions and the delivery person put the package in a Got-it Box!  

It's pretty simple.



It can also be fun! Check out some funny examples of people who decided to try out the special instructions section for things other than shipping and delivery notes:


And in case you would like to add some special instructions to your pizza order:


We've talked about this in another blog post, We're all working toward the same end goal, but with this post we decided to focus more on the retailers. As consumers we have the power to ask for our favourite retailers to make these simple changes to their websites. Easy! 

Reach out to retailers on their websites and through social media. Tag Got-it Box so we know who you've contacted and we'll contact them too! 

If you're a retailer and you like this idea, check out our retailer page to see why we think you should embrace special shipping instructions and Got-it Box for your customers! 

Is this the future of shopping?

If the malls are slowly on the way out (see blog post Death of the mall), then what's the next big thing in shopping? 

How about a point-and-shoot app for your phone that allows you to instantly find your most coveted items online...and then purchase them! 

Welcome to the future. Amazon recently announced that they have created an app to do exactly that. Point. Shoot. Purchase.

Firefly, the app, is available on Amazon's new Fire Phone through a dedicated button. The premise is this: when you see something you want, use Firefly to take a photo of the bar-code and purchase the item(s) on Amazon when they appear on the screen. But, it doesn't stop there. You can use Firefly's audio-recognition capabilities to pinpoint specific music, TV shows and movies. The app can even narrow a TV show down to not only a specific episode but the scene it can hear. The point of this feature is that you can be directed to purchase the episode or season of the TV show you inquired about. Same goes for music, you'll be directed to digital downloads. 

This blog isn't about whether or not you'd give up your iPhone or Android for the Amazon Fire Phone with Firefly. It's an example of the direction society is moving with consuming. Online shopping is pretty easy, but someone at Amazon decided that it should be easier.

How long before Amazon's competitors announce something similar? We'd be surprised if Apple and Google didn't introduce an idea related to this for their phones soon.  

There are other apps, though not as sophisticated as Firefly, offering a similar experience to their users.They seem to be predominantly found in the fashion industry.  

Asap54 is a popular one. If you see a celebrity in a magazine wearing a skirt you love then simply take a photo of the skirt and the app will try to match it. You'll either be given the exact match from the retailer who sells it, or a few similar items that you can choose from. It also lets you take photos of items you own to help find matching accessories. It's pretty neat! You can't purchase directly from the app but it acts as a gateway to the retailer.

Slyce is a Canadian company about to launch. According to their website, "Slyce is revolutionizing retail and consumer engagement by allowing shoppers to search for and purchase the things they want simply by snapping a photo with their smartphone or scanning and image on their desktop." It's exciting to hear that this company is in a few cities across Canada and getting lots of attention in the media! If their website is any indication of how good their app will be, it's looking pretty exciting!  

These are just a couple examples showcasing a new way to purchase your wares. Before we know it this could be the most efficient way to shop...maybe? 

If you're prone to shop online and you think that will increase in the future, you may want to consider a Got-it Box. Keep those items secure once they're delivered to your home or the office.






Size matters

We all know this is a hot topic! But really, why would you want a parcel drop box that doesn't meet your needs?

Other mailboxes, package drop boxes and parcel drop boxes may compare to Got-it Box but they don't offer the versatility, flexibility, or utility. How unsatisfying. 

Our competitors offer parcel drop boxes for packages on the smaller side. For some this is because the units themselves are quite small but for others it's because the packages have to move through a series of 'shoots' to land on the bottom. You wouldn't want to get home to find a) your package on the step next to your parcel drop box or b) the package stuck half-way down the parcel drop box 'shoots'. So, why limit the size of your packages?

Got-it Box offers choice where the competition doesn't. You have more options when you don't have to consider whether or not the items you're ordering online will fit in your parcel drop box.

This blog post can't go on without also mentioning the fact that you can have groceries and dry cleaning delivered to your Got-it Box. We've conveniently added a hanging bar because we know that picking up dry cleaning can be a huge pain! So, sign yourself up for dry cleaning delivery and never worry about rushing to the dry cleaners again. 
Groceries too! Online grocery ordering is gaining momentum around North America so stop trying to squeeze weekly grocery trips into your schedule when you can conveniently have your groceries delivered to your Got-it Box. 
Pains be gone, Got-it Box offers the solution! 







We're all working toward the same end goal!

Let's work together!
What is the end goal?  Successful deliveries and happy customers! 

Seeing the dreaded failed delivery notice on your front door after a long day can be frustrating. We've heard some people say that they've actually begged delivery companies to leave packages by their door but to no avail. Others have told us that they've had packages stolen from their front step and some find it very inconvenient to get to the depot to pick up undelivered mail. We know that consumers are looking for a solution. 
Here's one person's attempt at communicating with a delivery company: 


Online retailers want you to successfully receive your packages. Any inconvenience you experience can affect whether or not you purchase from them again. They have no control over the last step of your order, which is delivery. Once they send your package their hands are tied. But if you're unhappy with your experience because of a delivery issue it could make you think twice before ordering with them again. 

Let's talk about courier companies- they want you to be satisfied with their delivery services and they're taking steps to enhance that experience for you, which is encouraging to see. Fedex has initiated their Fedex Signature Release Program, which allows their couriers to deliver packages without retrieving a signature once you've given them permission to do so. UPS provides an InfoNotice where you can indicate whether or not you'd like the delivery person to leave your package or take it to a depot. CanadaPost will do a SafeDrop; this is when the delivery person decides whether or not they should leave the package. They then leave a notice telling where the item is on your property or if they've delivered it to a depot. Purolater has a similar program in place to Fedex's, the Signature Not Required/Origin Signature Not Required section of their website offers a few options. We couldn't find any official information on whether or not DHL and the USPS offer similar programs, but they both take their signature programs very seriously and offer options to ensure secure delivery for the intended receiver of the packages. We'll keep an eye out for if/when they implement programs similar to their competitors'. 

Courier companies want to deliver your packages as efficiently as possible. As we can see from the examples above they are making efforts to ensure their deliveries are successful. But despite their best efforts they can't offer guaranteed first time deliveries. That is, they can't as long as they don't support or embrace Got-it Box. 

If courier companies learn about Got-it Box, support our efforts and accept Got-it Box PIN numbers as proof of signature then they can start guaranteeing first time deliveries. This will reduce those pains associated with the last mile challenges that courier companies experience. They'll no longer hear from distraught customers who are missing delivered packages. The costs associated with returning to residential areas for second and third delivery attempts will be eliminated. And, customers will be very happy that courier companies are encouraging their employees to use Got-it Boxes when asked. It's a win-win for everyone involved!

  • Retailers can support Got-it Box and Got-it Box owners by adding a special shipping instruction tab on the checkout section of their websites. 
  • Courier companies can support Got-it Box and Got-it Box owners by following the instructions provided for accessing and locking the Got-it Boxes they encounter. 
  • And Got-it Box owners can thank the retailers and couriers for making their package deliveries as convenient as possible! Social media! 

Everybody wins! 

Let's get the word out- share this post with your preferred courier companies and retailers via social media or email. 

Please contact Got-it Box if you like what you've read and especially if you have any questions to followup.

YouTube'in it!

 A couple of blog posts ago we talked about building the Got-it Box social media presence. We knew at that point that we'd be adding Youtube to the mix but we weren't quite sure when. It turns out that today is the day! 

We are often asked how Got-it Box works. It's a simple concept, which we're happy about, but we think the best way to get an idea across is visually. So, we put together a short animation to help educate the marketplace. 

When it's so common for packages and parcels to be left on doorsteps these days, it's very easy for things to get damaged. And we can't forget to mention the issue that is porch pirates! We think we got the message across in our first animation and we're pretty excited to get it out there. 

So, now that the Youtube page is up and running, check it out and share it around:

Building the Got-it Box social media presence

In order to build a brand these days you need to develop a social media presence. There are many resources online that suggest ways to do this. We decided to take different things into consideration when laying the groundwork for the Got-it Box social media.

We decided that Twitter, Facebook and Youtube would be the best platforms. And who knows, maybe we'll add a few more as we move forward. 

Social media is a great way to educate the market place about Got-it Box. It's important for consumers, retailers and couriers to know about this new product that will make everyone's lives more convenient! 

We can do this with text of course, but also pictures and video. There are many possibilities for showcasing Got-it Box and the convenience it offers. 

Everyone can probably think of a friend or two who could definitely use a Got-it Box.
So, give us a follow or a like, pass on our social media pages and don't forget to tell your friends and family about this new product!

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Here we are!

The day that we've been looking forward to is here.
We've been working hard to develop Got-it Box and we're really excited to finally share it with the world.

Dreaming. Planning. Idea-generating. Researching. Proto-typing. Testing. Proto-typing. Re-testing. Manufacturing. Creating. Content developing. Website designing. Product launching.

Yep, it's been busy! And we won't be slowing down anytime soon. 

We want to thank you for checking out Got-it Box. The blog will be updated weekly with exciting news and development. 


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