Change is a good thing!

As a society, we've seen many changes in the last 20-years. From technology, medicine and beyond; we're accustomed to hearing about breakthroughs in the news cycle. It's an interesting time to be working on a new product but Got-it Box is not just a new product, it's a new idea!

With so many changes in society lately, all signs point to Got-it Box being the right product for these fast-moving times. People expect things to be efficient, and instant gratification is more prominent now than ever before. The trick to retailers succeeding with sales is their ability to shorten the time frame for customers to receive their items. We're thinking about online sales of course but the customer experience should always be easy! 

Change is everywhere: 
Online retailers have realized this and incorporated 'cheats' into their systems for speeding up processes. There are quick-buy options if you've shopped with the retailer before, express shipping at cheaper rates now that online shopping is so popular as well as website memberships to make shopping more convenient. 

With the retail and shipping industries, different companies are trying to make changes for creating more-efficient systems. We've seen companies unveiling 'point-and-shoot' apps, designed to help you buy whatever you see. Imagine that you see a pair of shoes that you like but they're on someone's feet, instead of trying to figure out where to buy them you just take a photo and the app narrows your retail search. We talked about this new technology in an earlier blog, Is this the future of shopping?, where we highlighted a few companies exposing this new way of shopping to the mass markets. Slyce is a Canadian company working with this technology, you can demo their app by clicking here.    

Another area fostering change is the ever-growing drone market. You've probably been hearing just as much about the advancement of drones as we have. Every month or so there's another news story about a company, somewhere in the world, developing drone technology. The thing that we haven't been hearing too much about lately however, is using drones for delivery purposes. DHL, out of Germany, has been working with this technology and appears to be the first delivery company actually trying to make deliveries happen this way. They released a feel-good story last Fall about their daily deliveries of medicine to a pharmacy on a secluded German island.  

This is a great way to use drones, i.e. with the same receiver every time. Whether or not a delivery company would be able to deliver thousands of independent packages every day is a much bigger question. Currently, the potential for thousands of mistakes seems quite high but maybe in the distant future we'll be receiving packages this way. 

Another change that's gaining momentum is the large online retailers that are offering same-day delivery. The main players in this arena are Amazon and Google. Amazon can offer this service to customers in big city-centres throughout the  U.S. and two cities in Canada (Toronto and Vancouver). Google, with their delivery service Google Express, can guarantee same-day delivery to seven areas in the United States. These companies are expanding into new cities as fast as they can and this strategy is helping them get their new delivery format to the masses. 

With items arriving at so many homes and businesses throughout North America on a regular basis, Amazon and Google have recognized that many people see value in receiving their items the same day they order. We couldn't find any recent data but it would be interesting to know whether or not this new delivery method is increasing the number of deliveries in the areas where it's offered. If in fact the deliveries have increased then it also means that retail sales in those areas have increased as well. In a market where some retailers are wondering how to increase revenue, this could be a way to do just that. We'll have to wait to see if the numbers are released to support that idea. .  

Porch Pirates!! We've talked about these package-stealers so many times before but they have to be mentioned here. The worst thing happening to online shoppers is theft. It's happening at an alarming rate and from the front steps of homes all over the world. Got-it Box can help! 

Change has to be adopted, especially in systems that have been operating in similar ways for many years. Even though some people complain about the current state of the delivery industry they also seem content to continue supporting it. When people are unsure of how to change something themselves they continue with the status quo. They may be slightly unhappy with the way they receive packages today but they've never considered doing it any other way because that's just the way it is. This is pretty common. 

When people aren't looking for ways to improve a problem then they're effectively not open to change. This is likely happening to people who don't even realize it. Example: just because you had to drive 45 minutes to pick up a package from a depot doesn't mean you're going to research a way to make that more efficient for you; you just do it because that's what the delivery company expects from you.

The change that we want to set in motion benefits you, the delivery companies and the retailers. It's a positive change that can make deliveries more convenient and efficient for everyone!

Got-it Box is something that many people are looking for, they may not even realize it. We hear this when we talk to people who see a Got-it Box for the first time. Different people from all walks of life have let us know that we have a valuable, beneficial product. Some even say they wish they had thought of it :)  
Getting this idea out there has been our focus since day one and it will continue to be our focus on this fun, exciting journey for change in the delivery industry!

So tell you your friends and family members because they might have an on-going delivery problem that you've never heard them talk about. You could offer a solution to the problem that's driving them crazy. Got-it Box already exists, all you have to do is talk about it!