In a three-part blog post we're explaining why we like to say, "Buy.Share.Give." and why we think it captures the essence of Got-it Box. 


You can use a Got-it Box to share things!
Share with friends, family, neighbours, coworkers, and really anyone else you can think of.

The idea is that if there's something you want to use but not buy just borrow it. Yah, that's not revolutionary or anything. It's very common these days, in a time when the word green is used more than ever and in a way that makes us want to constantly reduce, reuse and recycle. Many people want to do their part to make things greener. But it's also a much busier world these days. Your schedule may not allow for you to share or borrow as much as you'd like. 

So, what if you had a Got-it Box that you could have things dropped off to when you weren't home. And what about using your Got-it Box to return things to people who don't mind swinging by your home to pick up their stuff. This is just another practical way to use a Got-it Box. 

Have you heard about StreetBank? It's a network in London for just this type of idea! We're sure we'll be seeing more networks like this in the future. 

Anytime you need to make your life more convenient to free up some time, think about whether or not you can incorporate your Got-it Box. Maybe it's something as simple as your neighbour needing to borrow your mixing bowls but you won't be home when he can pick them up. Put them in your Got-it Box, tell him the PIN number and ask him to press FACTO to lock it up again when he's finished. You've done a good dead and he's happy to borrow those mixing bowls. Perfect! 


The next blog will feature information about why we say Give with your Got-it Box. Stay tuned!