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Why we made a bench

Got-it Box attracts attention, it's a product that catches the eye.  While showcasing it at many events over the last year we've heard all sorts of comments. We often heard that a product line with different Got-it Box sizes would be a good idea. And guess what? We agreed! 

We've had the concept for Got-it Bench up our sleeves since unveiling the original Got-it Box but waited to gauge interest before pursuing. While conducting market research and attending events and trade shows it was clear that the bench sounded interesting to a lot of people. 

Wood was chosen for this model rather than our signature anodized aluminum. We love our original Got-it Box design but when deciding on material for the bench we went with cedar. As a building material cedar is quite stable; it doesn't warp, bend, or crack when subjected to the elements. Cedar also has aesthetic appeal where it can be stained without losing the grained look. Got-it Bench looks sharp and adds a functional, comfortable element to the exterior (or interior) of your home.

Got-it Bench functions like our original Got-it Box, with a mail slot and electronic PIN pad, but also includes a nice place to sit. Two average sized adults can sit on the Got-it Bench comfortably. Got-it Bench receives deliveries from whoever you're expecting something from: mail carriers, couriers, friends, family members, customers (if you're running an at-home business), strangers (if you're buying or selling things in online auctions), neighbours, etc. The great thing about our products is that you decide to accesses them. 

When expecting a delivery to your home chances are you'll be communicating with the sender, whether it's a retailer, delivery company or personal contact. Facilitating deliveries becomes much easier when you include a Got-it Bench and tell people how to access it! 

From what we've heard from different Got-it Box users, whether or not you'll give out the code is seemingly a preference. Some people use a primary code that they distribute for their deliveries and others prefer to offer one time use codes. We've also heard that people leave the Got-it Box open and the delivery people lock it up (press the FACTO button) when they're finished. For more information about the lock and how to access a Got-it Box or Bench please visit our FAQ page. 

We're pretty happy with our Got-it Bench! After the conversations we've had with people about different sizes we decided to offer two different bench options. You will be able to choose from the Got-it Bench and the Mini Got-it Bench, which is smaller but still qualifies as a two-seater.   

You can have a closer look at Got-it Bench here and if you have any questions or comments feel free to send us a note through our contact us page. 






Change is a good thing!

As a society, we've seen many changes in the last 20-years. From technology, medicine and beyond; we're accustomed to hearing about breakthroughs in the news cycle. It's an interesting time to be working on a new product but Got-it Box is not just a new product, it's a new idea!

With so many changes in society lately, all signs point to Got-it Box being the right product for these fast-moving times. People expect things to be efficient, and instant gratification is more prominent now than ever before. The trick to retailers succeeding with sales is their ability to shorten the time frame for customers to receive their items. We're thinking about online sales of course but the customer experience should always be easy! 

Change is everywhere: 
Online retailers have realized this and incorporated 'cheats' into their systems for speeding up processes. There are quick-buy options if you've shopped with the retailer before, express shipping at cheaper rates now that online shopping is so popular as well as website memberships to make shopping more convenient. 

With the retail and shipping industries, different companies are trying to make changes for creating more-efficient systems. We've seen companies unveiling 'point-and-shoot' apps, designed to help you buy whatever you see. Imagine that you see a pair of shoes that you like but they're on someone's feet, instead of trying to figure out where to buy them you just take a photo and the app narrows your retail search. We talked about this new technology in an earlier blog, Is this the future of shopping?, where we highlighted a few companies exposing this new way of shopping to the mass markets. Slyce is a Canadian company working with this technology, you can demo their app by clicking here.    

Another area fostering change is the ever-growing drone market. You've probably been hearing just as much about the advancement of drones as we have. Every month or so there's another news story about a company, somewhere in the world, developing drone technology. The thing that we haven't been hearing too much about lately however, is using drones for delivery purposes. DHL, out of Germany, has been working with this technology and appears to be the first delivery company actually trying to make deliveries happen this way. They released a feel-good story last Fall about their daily deliveries of medicine to a pharmacy on a secluded German island.  

This is a great way to use drones, i.e. with the same receiver every time. Whether or not a delivery company would be able to deliver thousands of independent packages every day is a much bigger question. Currently, the potential for thousands of mistakes seems quite high but maybe in the distant future we'll be receiving packages this way. 

Another change that's gaining momentum is the large online retailers that are offering same-day delivery. The main players in this arena are Amazon and Google. Amazon can offer this service to customers in big city-centres throughout the  U.S. and two cities in Canada (Toronto and Vancouver). Google, with their delivery service Google Express, can guarantee same-day delivery to seven areas in the United States. These companies are expanding into new cities as fast as they can and this strategy is helping them get their new delivery format to the masses. 

With items arriving at so many homes and businesses throughout North America on a regular basis, Amazon and Google have recognized that many people see value in receiving their items the same day they order. We couldn't find any recent data but it would be interesting to know whether or not this new delivery method is increasing the number of deliveries in the areas where it's offered. If in fact the deliveries have increased then it also means that retail sales in those areas have increased as well. In a market where some retailers are wondering how to increase revenue, this could be a way to do just that. We'll have to wait to see if the numbers are released to support that idea. .  

Porch Pirates!! We've talked about these package-stealers so many times before but they have to be mentioned here. The worst thing happening to online shoppers is theft. It's happening at an alarming rate and from the front steps of homes all over the world. Got-it Box can help! 

Change has to be adopted, especially in systems that have been operating in similar ways for many years. Even though some people complain about the current state of the delivery industry they also seem content to continue supporting it. When people are unsure of how to change something themselves they continue with the status quo. They may be slightly unhappy with the way they receive packages today but they've never considered doing it any other way because that's just the way it is. This is pretty common. 

When people aren't looking for ways to improve a problem then they're effectively not open to change. This is likely happening to people who don't even realize it. Example: just because you had to drive 45 minutes to pick up a package from a depot doesn't mean you're going to research a way to make that more efficient for you; you just do it because that's what the delivery company expects from you.

The change that we want to set in motion benefits you, the delivery companies and the retailers. It's a positive change that can make deliveries more convenient and efficient for everyone!

Got-it Box is something that many people are looking for, they may not even realize it. We hear this when we talk to people who see a Got-it Box for the first time. Different people from all walks of life have let us know that we have a valuable, beneficial product. Some even say they wish they had thought of it :)  
Getting this idea out there has been our focus since day one and it will continue to be our focus on this fun, exciting journey for change in the delivery industry!

So tell you your friends and family members because they might have an on-going delivery problem that you've never heard them talk about. You could offer a solution to the problem that's driving them crazy. Got-it Box already exists, all you have to do is talk about it! 




Porch pirate season

We can't look at the calendar without thinking about the fast-approaching holiday season. With that, comes online shopping and home deliveries. A quick Google search will show you that online shopping increases over the holidays with a steady incline in sales from year to year. 

December has always been the shipping industry's busiest month of the year, even before online shopping started to boom. The advent of shopping online has caused the shipping industry to grow at an exponential rate.

When shopping online, you can choose to have all gifts shipped to your home, or you can have the retailer gift-wrap your purchases and arrange for the items to be shipped directly to the receiver. With different shipping options available, the retailers and shipping companies have to stay on their toes. Holidays are very busy and sometimes stressful; when you add in the potential for these carefully selected gifts to be stolen in the shipping/delivery stage of the process you may have a disappointing situation waiting to happen.

This makes us think about the ever-growing Porch Pirate problem.

Many delivered gifts, left on porches during the holiday season, contributes to very efficient package thefts. You could label the holiday season 'porch pirate season' these days.

News reporters often feature shipping thefts in their broadcasts and then followup with suggested ways to avoid porch pirates at your home. We're always looking for these sources that suggest Got-it Box or a parcel box as a new solution to this inevitable problem. Houzz recently posted an article, Special Delivery: Keeping Your Packages Safe, focusing on parcel boxes to guard your packages rather than other options, like asking a neighbour. This is great stuff! The more people talking about thwarting porch pirates, the better! 

This problem is only going to increase, so why not prevent it at your home?
Got-it Box will secure your packages and make deliveries convenient again!  

Identity theft solution

One of the scariest things that can happen to you is identity theft. Annoying is another word that comes to mind when thinking about it; besides the potential for people to steal your money, once you're a victim you have to change all of your personal information. It's a reality that more people face now than ever before. We think it can’t happen to us but we really shouldn't be that naive anymore.

According to a Canada Post Security and Investigation Services document, "Two major credit bureaus, Equifax and Trans Union, indicate that they each receive approximately 1,400 to 1,800 Canadian identity theft complaints every month." 

Identity theft is the fraudulent acquisition and use of a person’s private identifying information, usually for financial gain. There are different ways your identity can be stolen but mail fraud is becoming a more common way for thieves to do it in Canada. Mail fraud is a crime in which the perpetrator develops a scheme using the mail to defraud another of money or property.

Recently, identity theft and mail fraud stories have been making the news in Canada. Since installing community mailboxes in British Columbia, Vancouver has become a hot-spot for both crimes. That’s troubling news considering that Canada Post has just begun rolling out it’s 5-year plan to phase out home delivery and offer only community mailbox delivery to all of Canada.

Community mailboxes are large hubs that collect mail for neighbourhoods in residential locations. Each resident has a key to their section and are then expected to commute to retrieve their mail each day. There are many reasons that Canadians are not happy about Canada Post’s plan to increase community mailboxes to cover 9-million addresses over 5-years but we’ll talk about that in a future blog post. Today, we’ll focus on why community mailboxes are causing stress for residents because they're helping to increase the number of stolen identities reported in Canada.

With community mailboxes popping up in British Columbia the crime rate for mail theft and mailbox destruction has increased. In fact, Langley, B.C. is known as the mail theft capital of Canada. There were more than 250 community mailbox break-ins within 5-months in 2014. One resident has experienced mail-theft three times since Christmas, 2013. When asked about it he had this to say, "The fact it keeps happening means whoever is doing it is doing it quite easily.” He continued with, “I’m frustrated. You can’t trust that your mail is going to be safe. You don’t even know what’s getting stolen. I can’t understand why they would put a mailbox down a dead-end street in the dark." 

Some people break into community mailboxes for the thrill of being destructive, not that we think it’s a thrill but it is for some people, apparently. Whereas others do it with a purpose- stealing mail to collect personal information from sensitive documents. These documents can be any type of correspondence from a bank, credit card statements, government issued documents including tax information, social insurance numbers (which are featured on some government material).

Once the thieves get their hands on a few different items with personal and private information they can steal your identity. There are countless horror stories on the internet showcasing identity theft situations. Bank accounts are drained, credit cards are maxed, and expensive items, like vehicles, are financed. In some of these cases the people who had their identities stolen were on the hook for many of the charges because they couldn't prove what had happened. This is a terrifying realty for far-too-many people in Canada. One resident of Langley, B.C. has had a community mailbox for ten years. She's been a victim of mail theft three times and is currently involved in an RCMP investigation because her identity was stolen. There was a credit card account opened in Toronto with her identity, which was then used to the tune of $8,000 in fraudulent charges. When asked about mail theft she said she'd much rather have a mail slot on her door. 

Community mailboxes have been called the ‘jackpot’ for mail-thieves. With all the mail for a neighbourhood stored in one area stealing becomes so much easier. It’s not just efficient for mail delivery folks, it’s increasing productivity for the thieves as well. According to victims of mail theft, Canada Post doesn't inform their customers when a community mailbox is broken-into. Instead, it's usually the residents who inform Canada Post.

Canada Post has taken measures to prevent mail theft with their community mailboxes but their efforts seem minimal compared to the theft. Residents are not impressed, "Our feeling is upsetting and unsafe. We feel angered, we don't know what to do," says one Calgary resident who recently found her community mailbox door wide-open twice in one day. Canada Post had said, in this particular situation, that they were not going to notify residents of the incident, "Because all the mail appeared to be intact and there was no apparent vandalism to the box." 

A recent poll, in connection with a Global News story, asked, "Are you worried about security at community mailboxes? The results: 

We've been thinking about mail security since we came up with the idea for Got-it Box. It’s important for people to feel safe. When people feel violated because their mail delivery system isn’t protecting their personal information it becomes a concern for many citizens. With door-to-door mail delivery it's the responsibility of the citizens to provide a mailbox and then retrieve their mail in a timely fashion. It's less likely for thieves to travel door-to-door to steal mail for fear of being caught by many stay-at-home residents. Community mailboxes are remotely located so as not to disturb properties therefore they’re easy targets for theft in dimly-lit areas with minimal security. A thief’s dream scenario!

A group of postal workers got together and created a pamphlet outlining why they think community mailboxes (referred to as CBMs) are not going to benefit residents. This is just one of the points they outline, but we thought it was an important one to mention:

"CMBs are not as secure as claimed. CMBs are easy to break into, and provide a great "one-stop" location for criminals engaging in mail theft. There have been instances of entire CMB units being stolen. Because of the inconvenience of CMBs, mail is left in CMBs longer than home mailboxes, also providing greater opportunity for theft."

Once a community mailbox is tampered with the mail can be stolen, damaged, or subject to any type of weather. One resident reported that after she notified Canada Post that a community mailbox was hanging open she was told it would be fixed in 2-hours. She then said that just 6-hours after the community mailbox was fixed it was hanging open again. 

Mail thieves steal more than letters; we can't have a blog post about mail theft and not mention porch pirates. The holiday season is just around the corner which means that mail delivery and package delivery will definitely increase. Mail thieves and porch pirates know this to be true as well, so stolen mail and packages will also increase, unfortunately. 

To stop mail thieves and porch pirates use a Got-it Box. Residents have the option to keep their mail locked up at home, not in an area chosen by the postal service. According to postal workers, residents who have mailboxes at their homes collect mail on a daily basis and those who use community mailboxes collect less often because they find it inconvenient to make the commute. Got-it Box keeps things secure for not only the residents but also the delivery company. Once items are delivered to a Got-it Box they are locked up, on the property, until they are retrieved.


Use a Got-it Box to prevent identity theft and porch pirates.
Got-it Box and Identity Theft

If you'd like to contact Canada Post to talk about community mailboxes and/or your concerns with identity theft, see their contact us page.



Canada Post Security and Investigation Services 

Metro Vancouver is the mail theft capital of Canada

Three people busted for mail theft targeting 200 victims in Metro Vancouver

Langley holds title of Canada's mail theft capital

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Garbage bags of stolen mail lead to charges by Calgary police. Two people charged with mail theft and identity fraud

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More than 70 cities band together in effort to save Canada Post's door-to-door delivery service

Community mailbox found open in northeast Calgary, distressing residents

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Canada Post starts installing 'super boxes' in Calgary 

Secure. Convenient. Mailbox.

How did Got-it Box come to be?

Many ideas form when someone has a problem, or hears about a common problem. These ideas are often thought about for a long time and then sometimes developed. This was the case with Got-it Box.

We were hearing stories from frustrated friends and family members. They were annoyed with delivery companies for leaving failed delivery notices at their homes when there was no one home to receive packages.  When they arrived home to find these notices they’d then have to commute to various depots to pick up their packages. In some cases, depending on the delivery company, they’d have to commute for over an hour.

The first factor: we had to come up with something convenient.

Then we heard stories about stolen packages. This is very frustrating for people who've experienced it. Having a package stolen is unfortunate, unsettling and infuriating. In some cases there are very expensive items being delivered to front porches. The items can sit on a porches for most of the day, depending on when the delivery company drops them off.  

The second factor: we had to develop something that was secure.

Both of these factors lend to the reality that the problems will only increase with the growing popularity of online shopping. With this in mind we knew something had to be developed. At first we were thinking about consumers, everyday people who were dealing with frustrating delivery problems.  But once we had some research under our belts we realized that many people could benefit from something solving the problems of inconvenience and lack of security, not just consumers. We quickly recognized that delivery companies were also in need of something to make things more convenient and secure, not to mention efficient.

Some delivery companies make one attempt at delivering your package, if you’re not home to receive it they stick one of those failed delivery notices on your door. Other companies say they’ll try three times and only after the third failed attempt will they leave a notice. There are some very skeptical people out there who think delivery companies actually try three times. We trust that they’re trying to get your packages to you and we want to help with this task.

If delivery companies deliver packages to Got-it Boxes then they can guarantee first time deliveries! Who wouldn’t love that? Retailers would love it because they wouldn’t receive emails from customers who were victims of package theft. Delivery companies would love it because they don’t have to make more than one trip to each home expecting a package . Consumers would love it because they wouldn’t have to commute to retrieve packages or worry about their items sitting on their front porches all day.
Win! Win! Win!

And Porch Pirates would hate it, which is completely ok! Another Win! 


Special shipping instructions and retailers

When shopping online we don't usually worry about shipping and delivery options until after we've chosen the items we're buying. Once we're ready we take a few seconds to review our orders and decide what shipping method best suits our needs. It seems simple enough but what if we need to give the delivery person a special instruction on where to leave the package? 

Some retail websites offer this option and some don't. In today's market, with so many shopping options and a very high number of delivery complaints, we're shocked to see how many online retailers don't offer special shipping instructions.

Adding special shipping instructions to websites can make things easier for the customers as well as the delivery folks. Allowing customers to include messages on their packaging to the courier gives them a sense of security. Some consumers only shop from online retailers who offer special shipping instructions because they've had packages stolen in the past. There are negative stories all over the internet about bad shipping/delivery experiences. Customers get upset with the delivery companies while others are frustrated because retailers say they can't do anything to help them if something goes wrong in the final steps of their experience. Adding a special shipping instructions section, special delivery section or a comments section could eliminate potential problems.

We've been looking at many websites, determining who has special shipping instructions and who doesn't. Rather than make a list we've decided to contact the companies and ask them about adding this feature to their retail websites. Change takes time though, so the more people who reach out to online companies the better. If online retail stores start to notice that people are asking for this option then they'll make the switch. Let's not forget that it benefits everyone including them. If delivery problems lessen because their customers had the chance to include special instructions then it's a win-win! 

Just a tip for anyone wondering- when we order from websites that have special shipping instructions we can expect to see our packages arrive with the instructions on the side of the box.
Like this:

David'sTea has special shipping instructions and the delivery person put the package in a Got-it Box!  

It's pretty simple.



It can also be fun! Check out some funny examples of people who decided to try out the special instructions section for things other than shipping and delivery notes:


And in case you would like to add some special instructions to your pizza order:


We've talked about this in another blog post, We're all working toward the same end goal, but with this post we decided to focus more on the retailers. As consumers we have the power to ask for our favourite retailers to make these simple changes to their websites. Easy! 

Reach out to retailers on their websites and through social media. Tag Got-it Box so we know who you've contacted and we'll contact them too! 

If you're a retailer and you like this idea, check out our retailer page to see why we think you should embrace special shipping instructions and Got-it Box for your customers! 

University life & Got-it Box

Post-secondary students are some of the busiest people around. Whether attending school full time or part time, working while studying, living on campus or in a group-situation, every student has a different story.

If attending college or university means that you’re living away from home than receiving care-packages from loved ones can be tricky. Chances are you’re living in residence or with a group of people in off-campus housing. You probably have many people crossing your threshold in the run of a day. If there’s a package sitting outside with your name on it you hope that a kind person will put it somewhere for you to find, but that’s not always the case.

The last thing you want to deal with is a stolen package. Porch Pirates! You especially don’t want to hear that a package from home was stolen. They’re the best packages and everyone knows it! Parents have a keen sense for including special things in those deliveries: your favourite baked goods, books, things you forgot during the move, notes from siblings or grandparents. Receiving these packages can be very exciting but securing these deliveries is an important thing to think about as well.

One of the biggest complaints heard when I was in University was from students living in residence who were expecting packages. Even though they lived on campus they would receive missed delivery notices because the mail room wasn’t big enough to store multiple students’ packages. If their packages didn't make the cut they’d have to commute 30-mins to retrieve them. This was not always an easy task if they didn't have a vehicle while living at school. For students dealing with a packed course-load it was even harder to manage their package pick-up. It was common to hear people arranging drives to the post office; it was also common to hear how annoying the whole process was for them. 

We've been thinking a lot about this and how Got-it Box can make things easier for students. For those living in group-settings like sororities and fraternities package delivery could be very simple with a Got-it Box. If your house is in a busy area you may feel better about having packages locked up until you (or someone) gets home. If you're ordering a lot of things or you like to do group orders with your house-mates then Got-it Box is great because it can hold many packages in all different sizes! 

You probably won't be surprised to read that "Millennials, those consumers aged 18 to 34, remain the key age demographic for online commerce, spending more money online in a given year than any other age group," according to Cooper Smith with Business Insider

Most post-secondary students would fall between the 18-34 age bracket and especially those living in sororities and fraternities. If the people who are spending the most money online are also the ones most likely to live with a group then having a Got-it Box only makes sense! 





If you live on a campus, in a sorority/fraternity, or any type of off-campus group housing and think you could benefit from having a Got-it Box please let us know!                          



Business Insider 

Shop online to save money

Saving money is a huge variable for many people when shopping. Even those of us that love shopping still have to think about how much we’re spending and whether or not we’re making smart choices. Most people look for sales, special promotions, store memberships (most retailers offer member-cards now, don’t they?) and anything else that will help them to limit their spending. For some it’s necessity and for others it’s simply the thrill of knowing they saved a few dollars.

With online shopping increasing across the board, the internet has become a great place to score some deals! In many situations you can find things cheaper online than in a bricks and mortar locations. For consumers who like to window-shop, it's become common to look at items online with smartphones while browsing in person. Instead of shopping in the physical stores they're just checking things out, like quality and size.

There are things that are always cheaper online (eyeglasses/contact lenses) and others that are sometimes cheaper online (clothes/shoes). But you’ll definitely find deals on things if you keep an eye out. That's the great thing about the internet, there are so many websites to search!

When looking online, it’s not just the cheaper prices incentivizing you to shop. You can also find websites that offer cheap shipping and sometimes free shipping! It's more common these days to find retailers enticing shoppers to use the internet instead of bricks and mortar locations. If you can find what you’re looking for online at a cheaper price and the shipping is free, why would you waste the time and gas-money going to a store?

Different retailers offer different deals when it comes to shipping. Some will offer cheaper shipping when you increase your order, others offer free shipping no matter what. Either way, online retailers want your business so they’ll offer deals to get it. It’s a win-win for you because you get deals along with the convenience of not having to go to the stores. Awesome!




If you're inclined to shop online for Christmas gifts, or any other gifts for that matter, you're doing it right! There are so many things that go along with shopping in stores: travelling to get there in traffic, jostling for position in crowded parking lots, scouring stores for gifts, waiting in long lineups, and any other added stressors that seem to peak during the holidays. You really don't have to deal with any of this stuff, just shop online from the comfort of your home. Easy!

With Christmas right around the corner you'll want to think of tricks to save money and time when buying gifts. We've got you covered:

Shopping at Christmas can be stressful so having items sent to your home is much easier. We know everyone loves getting packages delivered so it's also more fun this way! 

Once you’re finished ordering all those gifts online you’ll obviously be expecting more packages. To keep them secure until you get home from work or any other daily chore, have them shipped to a Got-it Box! It’s easy. When setting up your shipping information on the site you’re ordering from, include some info about your Got-it Box in the special shipping/comment section.

Have a look at the Got-it Box Twitter account to see which companies have delivered to Got-it Boxes so far! Shop from them, they’re great :) 

For more info on buying or renting a Got-it Box click here. And remember, Christmas will be here before you know it! 

p.s. Shopping online is also a greener way to shop. If this idea makes you happy check out our blog post, Let's all be greener together. Think before you buy. 

Globe and Mail
Real Simple
Good Housekeeping
Clearly Contacts
David's Tea

Is this the future of shopping?

If the malls are slowly on the way out (see blog post Death of the mall), then what's the next big thing in shopping? 

How about a point-and-shoot app for your phone that allows you to instantly find your most coveted items online...and then purchase them! 

Welcome to the future. Amazon recently announced that they have created an app to do exactly that. Point. Shoot. Purchase.

Firefly, the app, is available on Amazon's new Fire Phone through a dedicated button. The premise is this: when you see something you want, use Firefly to take a photo of the bar-code and purchase the item(s) on Amazon when they appear on the screen. But, it doesn't stop there. You can use Firefly's audio-recognition capabilities to pinpoint specific music, TV shows and movies. The app can even narrow a TV show down to not only a specific episode but the scene it can hear. The point of this feature is that you can be directed to purchase the episode or season of the TV show you inquired about. Same goes for music, you'll be directed to digital downloads. 

This blog isn't about whether or not you'd give up your iPhone or Android for the Amazon Fire Phone with Firefly. It's an example of the direction society is moving with consuming. Online shopping is pretty easy, but someone at Amazon decided that it should be easier.

How long before Amazon's competitors announce something similar? We'd be surprised if Apple and Google didn't introduce an idea related to this for their phones soon.  

There are other apps, though not as sophisticated as Firefly, offering a similar experience to their users.They seem to be predominantly found in the fashion industry.  

Asap54 is a popular one. If you see a celebrity in a magazine wearing a skirt you love then simply take a photo of the skirt and the app will try to match it. You'll either be given the exact match from the retailer who sells it, or a few similar items that you can choose from. It also lets you take photos of items you own to help find matching accessories. It's pretty neat! You can't purchase directly from the app but it acts as a gateway to the retailer.

Slyce is a Canadian company about to launch. According to their website, "Slyce is revolutionizing retail and consumer engagement by allowing shoppers to search for and purchase the things they want simply by snapping a photo with their smartphone or scanning and image on their desktop." It's exciting to hear that this company is in a few cities across Canada and getting lots of attention in the media! If their website is any indication of how good their app will be, it's looking pretty exciting!  

These are just a couple examples showcasing a new way to purchase your wares. Before we know it this could be the most efficient way to shop...maybe? 

If you're prone to shop online and you think that will increase in the future, you may want to consider a Got-it Box. Keep those items secure once they're delivered to your home or the office.






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