Secure. Convenient. Mailbox.

How did Got-it Box come to be?

Many ideas form when someone has a problem, or hears about a common problem. These ideas are often thought about for a long time and then sometimes developed. This was the case with Got-it Box.

We were hearing stories from frustrated friends and family members. They were annoyed with delivery companies for leaving failed delivery notices at their homes when there was no one home to receive packages.  When they arrived home to find these notices they’d then have to commute to various depots to pick up their packages. In some cases, depending on the delivery company, they’d have to commute for over an hour.

The first factor: we had to come up with something convenient.

Then we heard stories about stolen packages. This is very frustrating for people who've experienced it. Having a package stolen is unfortunate, unsettling and infuriating. In some cases there are very expensive items being delivered to front porches. The items can sit on a porches for most of the day, depending on when the delivery company drops them off.  

The second factor: we had to develop something that was secure.

Both of these factors lend to the reality that the problems will only increase with the growing popularity of online shopping. With this in mind we knew something had to be developed. At first we were thinking about consumers, everyday people who were dealing with frustrating delivery problems.  But once we had some research under our belts we realized that many people could benefit from something solving the problems of inconvenience and lack of security, not just consumers. We quickly recognized that delivery companies were also in need of something to make things more convenient and secure, not to mention efficient.

Some delivery companies make one attempt at delivering your package, if you’re not home to receive it they stick one of those failed delivery notices on your door. Other companies say they’ll try three times and only after the third failed attempt will they leave a notice. There are some very skeptical people out there who think delivery companies actually try three times. We trust that they’re trying to get your packages to you and we want to help with this task.

If delivery companies deliver packages to Got-it Boxes then they can guarantee first time deliveries! Who wouldn’t love that? Retailers would love it because they wouldn’t receive emails from customers who were victims of package theft. Delivery companies would love it because they don’t have to make more than one trip to each home expecting a package . Consumers would love it because they wouldn’t have to commute to retrieve packages or worry about their items sitting on their front porches all day.
Win! Win! Win!

And Porch Pirates would hate it, which is completely ok! Another Win! 


Shipping instructions in the address. Here's how!

We've been working on this for a while now and it's proving successful! 

If you're shopping a retail website that doesn't have special shipping instructions, add your Got-it Box PIN# to the second address line when placing your order. 

It turns out that this isn't a new concept. While attending trade shows and events we heard from Got-it Box admirers that have been adding notes to the second address line for a while. Some said they use a few words to inform the delivery person of the best place to leave a package; "behind the back gate," "under the chair" etc. Others leave complete sentences if they have the room.  

We realized we were on to something after these conversations. 

To access a Got-it Box you have to push the FACTO button after you enter the PIN# (or code). The FACTO button is needed to lock it up as well. You can see from the image below that we inform users how to use the lock with a handy sticker on every Got-it Box. 

Don't forget that if your packages are on the thinner side they can be delivered to your Got-it Box via the mail slot above the door!

Got-it Box provides options, not just for what can be delivered to it but how things can be delivered to it. 

If you have any special tips for informing your delivery folks of shipping instructions please let us know!