Imagine a new retail experience

Let us tap into your imagination for a few minutes: picture yourself walking through a mall; think about the store-fronts, the different colours, scents, bright lights, and bustling people. But wait a second, the people aren't carrying any shopping bags. Could it be that they’re not shopping, would this many people spend their day just browsing? You wander through stores and notice that there are only floor-models of products they offer. Confused, you seek some answers about this mall.

We want you to imagine a shopping experience where you browse, buy, and then have your new items delivered to your home. Stores would offer examples of all their products, ranging in colours and sizes. You would try out the things you like, place your order, make your payment, and leave empty handed, only to find your items at your home later that day. Imagine never having to carry heavy bags around the mall again!

Forget buying extra luggage to accommodate all your purchases and souvenirs when travelling. Have everything shipped instead. This would be especially handy for certain times of the year and when your shopping increases on trips.

You may have just imagined the future.

This business model would create a middle ground for people who like to shop online but also don’t want to stop visiting malls and retail locations. It would also add the convenience of not having to carry your purchases around with you from store to store. You could move on with your day and be reunited with your purchases later at home. 

With so many retail locations closing and companies brainstorming ways to remain relevant, this idea could easily become a reality. New ways to entice customers are always popping up in the retail industry and this may be the next one to really shake things up! 

There's no point in having purchases conveniently shipped to your home only to have them left on your doorstep for a length of time, or if it is inconvenient for you to receive them. Let a Got-it Box take care of that! 

We're noticing changes in the retail industry and we're not the only ones!
Wired published an article recently, Why Apple Doesn't Want You to Line Up for Its Watch. The article offers insight into why Apple is encouraging consumers to purchase their new watch online. One very interesting point of their story really jumped out:

"In some ways, Apple is testing a strategy that has bedeviled traditional brick-and-mortar retailers, in which stores become more like showrooms than shopping destinations. Upstart online retailers, on the other hand—companies such Warby Parker, Bonobos, Birchbox, and Rent the Runway-have embraced showrooming, opening physical stores to complement their websites. It’s a model that embraces the way that consumers shop today, in which sales often are clinched in front of a screen after the customer leaves the store." - Issie Lapowsky, staff writer for Wired.

A timely Toronto Star article announced a new Ikea concept-store being unveiled in Ontario later this year. There will be "a limited number of items for purchase and immediate takeaway and 10 tablets on site for customers to  browse and buy on" 

Read the full article from The Star.

We're all on to something here!