Trick or Treat with Got-it Box

Leaves are falling and the morning air is crisp. October is here and with it comes Halloween! 

Since launching Got-it Box six months ago we've been communicating the different ways it can add convenience to your life. Many blog posts and social media updates have been written with this in mind. 

Halloween has us thinking: maybe giving out treats is inconvenient for some folks. If you have little ones that you'll be trick-or-treating with then you won't be able to pass out treats at your own home. Some families ask friends and neighbours to help out with the treat-giving on Halloween because they're either out with the kids or their schedules make things difficult. Depending on your neighbourhood, there may be an honour code. Though it's not as common these days, we have been known to see a house or two with a basket of treats on the step, trusting that people will help themselves to just a treat or two. 

We had an idea, why not use a Got-it Box to distribute treats to the princesses, zombies and mini NHL players showing up on your step? If you're not going to be home, hang a sign on your Got-it Box with a PIN number. Of course this would fall under the honour code principle mentioned before and we'll leave it up to you to decide whether or not this is something you should do in your neighbourhood. We think the trick-or-treaters would like punching in the number to get their treats! We watch kids open Got-it Boxes at trade shows all the time, they think it's fun and parents love watching them do it. 

Don't forget that the Got-it Box lock can be programmed easily so once Halloween is over you can delete the code you were using that night.This way there's no concern with people returning to your Got-it Box the next day (just in case this crossed your mind as a deterrent).

If you're going to be home to meet trick-or-treaters then you won't need to use your Got-it Box for treats. 

So, what should you do with your Got-it Box on Halloween night? Dress it up, obviously! Maybe black and orange lights or some type of decoration stuck to the front? We happen to think it's the perfect shape to throw a sheet over and call it a ghost! Got-it Ghost! 

Whatever ideas you have, we think incorporating your Got-it Box into holidays or events is smart and fun! Get in the habit of decorating and using it to add more personality to your home for these special occasions.