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Saving money is a huge variable for many people when shopping. Even those of us that love shopping still have to think about how much we’re spending and whether or not we’re making smart choices. Most people look for sales, special promotions, store memberships (most retailers offer member-cards now, don’t they?) and anything else that will help them to limit their spending. For some it’s necessity and for others it’s simply the thrill of knowing they saved a few dollars.

With online shopping increasing across the board, the internet has become a great place to score some deals! In many situations you can find things cheaper online than in a bricks and mortar locations. For consumers who like to window-shop, it's become common to look at items online with smartphones while browsing in person. Instead of shopping in the physical stores they're just checking things out, like quality and size.

There are things that are always cheaper online (eyeglasses/contact lenses) and others that are sometimes cheaper online (clothes/shoes). But you’ll definitely find deals on things if you keep an eye out. That's the great thing about the internet, there are so many websites to search!

When looking online, it’s not just the cheaper prices incentivizing you to shop. You can also find websites that offer cheap shipping and sometimes free shipping! It's more common these days to find retailers enticing shoppers to use the internet instead of bricks and mortar locations. If you can find what you’re looking for online at a cheaper price and the shipping is free, why would you waste the time and gas-money going to a store?

Different retailers offer different deals when it comes to shipping. Some will offer cheaper shipping when you increase your order, others offer free shipping no matter what. Either way, online retailers want your business so they’ll offer deals to get it. It’s a win-win for you because you get deals along with the convenience of not having to go to the stores. Awesome!




If you're inclined to shop online for Christmas gifts, or any other gifts for that matter, you're doing it right! There are so many things that go along with shopping in stores: travelling to get there in traffic, jostling for position in crowded parking lots, scouring stores for gifts, waiting in long lineups, and any other added stressors that seem to peak during the holidays. You really don't have to deal with any of this stuff, just shop online from the comfort of your home. Easy!

With Christmas right around the corner you'll want to think of tricks to save money and time when buying gifts. We've got you covered:

Shopping at Christmas can be stressful so having items sent to your home is much easier. We know everyone loves getting packages delivered so it's also more fun this way! 

Once you’re finished ordering all those gifts online you’ll obviously be expecting more packages. To keep them secure until you get home from work or any other daily chore, have them shipped to a Got-it Box! It’s easy. When setting up your shipping information on the site you’re ordering from, include some info about your Got-it Box in the special shipping/comment section.

Have a look at the Got-it Box Twitter account to see which companies have delivered to Got-it Boxes so far! Shop from them, they’re great :) 

For more info on buying or renting a Got-it Box click here. And remember, Christmas will be here before you know it! 

p.s. Shopping online is also a greener way to shop. If this idea makes you happy check out our blog post, Let's all be greener together. Think before you buy. 

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Let's all be greener together! Think before you buy.

With the UN Climate Summit currently in the news we can't help but think about the impact regular shopping can have on the environment. 

Everything we do impacts the environment some how but what we do to offset our impact has to count for something. So, let's talk about regular shopping versus online shopping. 

When we say regular shopping we mean the old fashioned way- physically going to stores to purchase things. There's a good chance you use a vehicle to transport yourself to the various shops, compare items in different stores (which may require a bit more driving), then drive home. If you forget anything you'll find yourself making another trip in your vehicle (very common!).  

Some say that regular shopping keeps their costs down because they are frequently aware of their purchases. We'd be surprised to hear if people were factoring in the cost of transportation when thinking about this. Bonus points if you do think about your impact and choose public transit or cycling!

Really, we think the justification is split equally between people who say they're saving money by shopping the regular way and those that save by shopping online.  When shopping the regular way transportation is a factor, when shopping online shipping can be a factor. The key word here is 'can'. For many retail websites shipping is discounted or even free (Note: our next blog post will feature tips on how to save money by shopping online). So, shipping charges aren't always a problem. 


Getting back to the green conversation- you're definitely right if you're thinking that the packages you order online have to get to you somehow. And that somehow is usually airplanes and trucks. While completing a study at the University of Washington engineers found that, "Delivery service trucks produced 20 to 75 percent less carbon dioxide than the corresponding personal vehicles driven to and from a grocery store."

Similar studies have been conducted all over the world, Per Square Mile ( highlights interesting stats from a comprehensive study organized in the U.K. They say, "If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, their results were unequivocal: Shop online. If you drove to the store, you’d have to buy 24 items to make the trip equal to the carbon footprint of just one item ordered online. If you took the bus, you’d have to buy eight." That puts things into perspective. 


Some articles talk about reducing carbon footprint with grocery delivery specifically (Amazon Fresh, Google Shopping Express, Fresh Direct, PeaPod, Spud, etc.). When a fleet of trucks is delivering groceries to many homes, it cuts down on all those people driving to and from grocery stores, much like the online shopping example given above. It adds up when you start to think about it. Delivery companies are very conscious about their environmental impact and costs these days, so they're taking measures to cut back on both. Most delivery companies have sustainability reports on their websites detailing what they've done to contribute to the fight against climate change- UPS, FedEx, Purolator, Canada Post.

Next time you think about buying something, stop and consider whether or not it would be better to purchase it online. Save time, carbon footprint, and even money (think about the gas you're saving and deals you can find online). And when you're considering this also think about the delivery companies that have a mandate to return to your home or office two or three times to avoid missed deliveries. Instead of having them make those extra carbon-emission filled trips, use a Got-it Box so everyone can guarantee a first time delivery! 

You, Delivery Companies, and Got-it Box working together to make things greener!




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