Get your online Christmas shopping started.

If you're anything like me then you envy the people who have their Christmas shopping finished by now. Spreading Christmas expenses over a few months is a great way to keep costs down but don't worry, there are still ways to save money this upcoming holiday season if you didn't get the jump on shopping.

As it is often reported, online shopping is a great way to watch your dollars when shopping for loved ones. You don't have to gift your favourite people with cheap, less-valuable items just because you're looking for lower prices. Instead you can get great deals on whatever you're looking for. 

It used to be that you could only find cheaper name-brand items on third party websites like Overstock, Amazon, or Ebay. Now it's common to find cheaper items at the originating source. For example, whenever I'm looking for a new book the first place I look is Chapters by Indigo. But I don't bother visiting a store, I go straight to their website. They boast discounts like 40% off best selling titles, while always offering cheaper prices on their website than in their store. Why buy items from a company's bricks and mortar store when you know you can get their cheaper prices online? That's just one example but there are many more out there, all you need to do is start searching!  

Saving money is always a great reason to do something but there are even more benefits to shopping online. You can save yourself the hassle of running around to different malls and stores; avoid lineups, crowded parking lots, frustrated shoppers, and the Christmas rush. Instead, why not order Christmas gifts while in your pajamas, drinking wine, in the comfort of your home? Maybe it would be more efficient for you to do your shopping from your phone while waiting for the coffee to brew in the morning. Regardless of how or when you do your online shopping, the important thing to consider is how easy and helpful it can be.

Once your items are ordered all you have to do is wait for them to arrive. But just a second, that part, the waiting part, can be easy and helpful as well! Use a Got-it Box to receive packages when you're not home and your worries about stolen delivered items and closed delivery depots are gone. 

Make your Christmas efficient and easy with online shopping and Got-it Box! 




Imagine a new retail experience

Let us tap into your imagination for a few minutes: picture yourself walking through a mall; think about the store-fronts, the different colours, scents, bright lights, and bustling people. But wait a second, the people aren't carrying any shopping bags. Could it be that they’re not shopping, would this many people spend their day just browsing? You wander through stores and notice that there are only floor-models of products they offer. Confused, you seek some answers about this mall.

We want you to imagine a shopping experience where you browse, buy, and then have your new items delivered to your home. Stores would offer examples of all their products, ranging in colours and sizes. You would try out the things you like, place your order, make your payment, and leave empty handed, only to find your items at your home later that day. Imagine never having to carry heavy bags around the mall again!

Forget buying extra luggage to accommodate all your purchases and souvenirs when travelling. Have everything shipped instead. This would be especially handy for certain times of the year and when your shopping increases on trips.

You may have just imagined the future.

This business model would create a middle ground for people who like to shop online but also don’t want to stop visiting malls and retail locations. It would also add the convenience of not having to carry your purchases around with you from store to store. You could move on with your day and be reunited with your purchases later at home. 

With so many retail locations closing and companies brainstorming ways to remain relevant, this idea could easily become a reality. New ways to entice customers are always popping up in the retail industry and this may be the next one to really shake things up! 

There's no point in having purchases conveniently shipped to your home only to have them left on your doorstep for a length of time, or if it is inconvenient for you to receive them. Let a Got-it Box take care of that! 

We're noticing changes in the retail industry and we're not the only ones!
Wired published an article recently, Why Apple Doesn't Want You to Line Up for Its Watch. The article offers insight into why Apple is encouraging consumers to purchase their new watch online. One very interesting point of their story really jumped out:

"In some ways, Apple is testing a strategy that has bedeviled traditional brick-and-mortar retailers, in which stores become more like showrooms than shopping destinations. Upstart online retailers, on the other hand—companies such Warby Parker, Bonobos, Birchbox, and Rent the Runway-have embraced showrooming, opening physical stores to complement their websites. It’s a model that embraces the way that consumers shop today, in which sales often are clinched in front of a screen after the customer leaves the store." - Issie Lapowsky, staff writer for Wired.

A timely Toronto Star article announced a new Ikea concept-store being unveiled in Ontario later this year. There will be "a limited number of items for purchase and immediate takeaway and 10 tablets on site for customers to  browse and buy on" 

Read the full article from The Star.

We're all on to something here! 

Got-it Box options!

We're all about choices when it comes to shipping and delivery. Got-it Box is a company dedicated to making the shipping/delivery industry more efficient and convenient for EVERYONE involved! 

Making this industry more efficient means providing options for receiving deliveries. We are members of a movement trying to turn the shipping/delivery industry on its a good way. Creating more efficient practices for this industry will benefit everyone; we've talked about this before (more than a few times), but why not?!

When it comes to options we're more than happy to provide a few. Aside from the classic and modern Got-it Box models we've unveiled the Got-it Bench! We loved our bench so much that we decided to make a second model!

We now offer four product options in three different sizes. Make your deliveries efficient and keep your items secure. No matter the space, you can find a Got-it Box product to fit! 


Why we made a bench

Got-it Box attracts attention, it's a product that catches the eye.  While showcasing it at many events over the last year we've heard all sorts of comments. We often heard that a product line with different Got-it Box sizes would be a good idea. And guess what? We agreed! 

We've had the concept for Got-it Bench up our sleeves since unveiling the original Got-it Box but waited to gauge interest before pursuing. While conducting market research and attending events and trade shows it was clear that the bench sounded interesting to a lot of people. 

Wood was chosen for this model rather than our signature anodized aluminum. We love our original Got-it Box design but when deciding on material for the bench we went with cedar. As a building material cedar is quite stable; it doesn't warp, bend, or crack when subjected to the elements. Cedar also has aesthetic appeal where it can be stained without losing the grained look. Got-it Bench looks sharp and adds a functional, comfortable element to the exterior (or interior) of your home.

Got-it Bench functions like our original Got-it Box, with a mail slot and electronic PIN pad, but also includes a nice place to sit. Two average sized adults can sit on the Got-it Bench comfortably. Got-it Bench receives deliveries from whoever you're expecting something from: mail carriers, couriers, friends, family members, customers (if you're running an at-home business), strangers (if you're buying or selling things in online auctions), neighbours, etc. The great thing about our products is that you decide to accesses them. 

When expecting a delivery to your home chances are you'll be communicating with the sender, whether it's a retailer, delivery company or personal contact. Facilitating deliveries becomes much easier when you include a Got-it Bench and tell people how to access it! 

From what we've heard from different Got-it Box users, whether or not you'll give out the code is seemingly a preference. Some people use a primary code that they distribute for their deliveries and others prefer to offer one time use codes. We've also heard that people leave the Got-it Box open and the delivery people lock it up (press the FACTO button) when they're finished. For more information about the lock and how to access a Got-it Box or Bench please visit our FAQ page. 

We're pretty happy with our Got-it Bench! After the conversations we've had with people about different sizes we decided to offer two different bench options. You will be able to choose from the Got-it Bench and the Mini Got-it Bench, which is smaller but still qualifies as a two-seater.   

You can have a closer look at Got-it Bench here and if you have any questions or comments feel free to send us a note through our contact us page.