In a three-part blog post we've been explaining why we like to say, "Buy.Share.Give." and why we think it captures the essence of Got-it Box. 'Give' is the third entry for this blog series. 


Got-it Box is there when you want to contribute to your local community. If you're inclined to donate to charities but find it hard to map out the time...use your Got-it Box! 

It's quite common for school-kids to collect used bottles when fundraising for different events. These bottle drives make donating easier. Rather than giving money you can just set your recyclables aside for the kids to collect and they handle it from there. It's common for bottle drives to take place on Saturday mornings. We've heard that this is a busy time for most people with errands, driving kids to extracurricular activities, travelling, and anything else that needs to be done on the weekend. We get it, it can be difficult to plan around a bottle drive or any other fundraisers and charitable drives in your area. Use your Got-it Box!

Contact the organizers of the fundraiser, explain how to use your Got-it Box, give them a PIN number (primary or one-time use) and tell them the items you're donating will be ready for pick-up! 

This is a handy way to contribute without being inconvenienced! 

So, keep an eye out for bottle, food, and clothing drives along with any other fundraisers in your area! Make an impact in your community and don't worry about your schedule. 

Who else can you give to, using your Got-it Box? 

Don't limit yourself!
One suggestions is to become a Freecycle member. Join a network of over seven million people who like to give and receive things for free. Seven million!! You can definitely use your Got-it Box for this or anything similar. Check out our recent blog post explaining how Got-it Box goes both ways and start thinking how to add more convenience to your life! 

Your Got-it Box can do so much!
Don't forget to keep us in the loop on how you're using your Got-it Box or how you think one can make life easy!