In a three-part blog post we'll explain why we like to say, "Buy.Share.Give." and why we think it captures the essence of Got-it Box. 


When we think about what you could use a Got-it Box for, online shopping is the first thing that comes to mind.  
Online Shopping has grown so much over the last decade in North America and it shows no sign of slowing down
It's very convenient to jump online and order what you want to buy. If you're not in a rush to receive an item and you don't mind waiting for it to be delivered then why not buy online? Sometimes going to a store is inconvenient, other times you just don't want to deal with crowds. Some websites even offer online exclusive incentives for shopping at their online store rather than their brick and mortar locations. Sales! Discounts! They want us to shop online. 

Have you heard about Grand & Toy committing to online shopping? Yep, they're closing stores and providing their business exclusively through the Grand & Toy online presence. Is this a glimpse into the future? We shall see, but it's a bold step. And hey, if more businesses follow suit and your online shipping increases, won't you want to keep all those delivered packages secure at your home or office? 

Aside from big business retailers going the way of online exclusivity, there are other websites that have employed this model since their inception: eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Pinterest and the list goes on. 

  • eBay boasts that their sellers have access to "Over 200 million shoppers and $40 billion market."
  • Amazon gives sellers the opportunity to reach millions of customers and sell their goods in "More than 15 categories from books to electronics."
  • Etsy is an excellent example- it gives artists and artisans alike the opportunity to showcase and sell their goods to a wide internet-based audience. For some sellers it may be the only vehicle they have for selling their items and for some consumers, it's their favourite way to find unique items to purchase. 
  • Pinterest has become very popular with over 25 Billion pins to explore. Many of those links take curious browsers to websites where they can purchase the items they're looking at. 

So, whether you're looking for convenience, an online exclusive item or a great sale the internet has what you're looking for. When it comes to ordering online, look for websites that offer special shipping instructions so you can educate the retailers and couriers on how to use your Got-it Box. In some cases, where you know you can find the item you want on more than one website, choose the one that has special shipping instructions. A sentence or two with instructions usually gets the job done, along with your PIN number. You can find our example here!  

The next blog will feature information about why we say Share with your Got-it Box. Stay tuned!