Interior design, Landscape design, Got-it Box

If you're ever given the opportunity to learn about interior design, take that opportunity! It is such an interesting field. We were lucky enough to hear an interior designer speak in a lecture-series type of event recently and it was eye-opening. One of the first things explained was the difference between interior designers and interior decorators. Apparently people in both careers have to answer that question quite a bit. As Lauren Flanagan put it, for, "Both interior designers and interior decorators create beautiful and functional spaces, but they are separate professions." 

We're blogging about interior design and decorating because we think Got-it Box offers function to interior space, whether in a home or an office. And in some cases home offices. 

Designers and decorators are looking for unique pieces. It's probably considered a bonus if these pieces have an interesting look and can then add function to a space. 

While exhibiting Got-it Box at different events we've had people ask if it could be used in a home. Some have suggested using it for sensitive documents, others have asked if anyone has used one for a gun-safe. One lady mentioned that she deals with precious gems for her jewelry business and could see a Got-it Box securing them nicely. We have plenty of these examples and we think it comes down to this: if you want to lock something up in your home or office but the look of a traditional safe isn't for you, Got-it Box can get the job done! 

It can also get the job done outside the home or office. 

Just because Got-it Box can add function to your home doesn't mean it can't add that neat look you were also trying to achieve. Is the front of your home a little boring? Maybe you're considering hiring a landscape designer to mix things up a bit. When thinking about what you want your front yard and deck to look like, keep Got-it Box in mind. 
Aside from collecting packages, mail and other items dropped off when you're not home, Got-it Box can be quite the conversation piece. Your neighbours will be very curious about the new addition to your yard decor. We suspect they'll ask you about it and then realize that they too could use this functional, decorative piece. 


*special thanks to The Commons Calgary for the use of their space to capture Got-it Box in a work environment.