We're all working toward the same end goal!

Let's work together!
What is the end goal?  Successful deliveries and happy customers! 

Seeing the dreaded failed delivery notice on your front door after a long day can be frustrating. We've heard some people say that they've actually begged delivery companies to leave packages by their door but to no avail. Others have told us that they've had packages stolen from their front step and some find it very inconvenient to get to the depot to pick up undelivered mail. We know that consumers are looking for a solution. 
Here's one person's attempt at communicating with a delivery company: 


Online retailers want you to successfully receive your packages. Any inconvenience you experience can affect whether or not you purchase from them again. They have no control over the last step of your order, which is delivery. Once they send your package their hands are tied. But if you're unhappy with your experience because of a delivery issue it could make you think twice before ordering with them again. 

Let's talk about courier companies- they want you to be satisfied with their delivery services and they're taking steps to enhance that experience for you, which is encouraging to see. Fedex has initiated their Fedex Signature Release Program, which allows their couriers to deliver packages without retrieving a signature once you've given them permission to do so. UPS provides an InfoNotice where you can indicate whether or not you'd like the delivery person to leave your package or take it to a depot. CanadaPost will do a SafeDrop; this is when the delivery person decides whether or not they should leave the package. They then leave a notice telling where the item is on your property or if they've delivered it to a depot. Purolater has a similar program in place to Fedex's, the Signature Not Required/Origin Signature Not Required section of their website offers a few options. We couldn't find any official information on whether or not DHL and the USPS offer similar programs, but they both take their signature programs very seriously and offer options to ensure secure delivery for the intended receiver of the packages. We'll keep an eye out for if/when they implement programs similar to their competitors'. 

Courier companies want to deliver your packages as efficiently as possible. As we can see from the examples above they are making efforts to ensure their deliveries are successful. But despite their best efforts they can't offer guaranteed first time deliveries. That is, they can't as long as they don't support or embrace Got-it Box. 

If courier companies learn about Got-it Box, support our efforts and accept Got-it Box PIN numbers as proof of signature then they can start guaranteeing first time deliveries. This will reduce those pains associated with the last mile challenges that courier companies experience. They'll no longer hear from distraught customers who are missing delivered packages. The costs associated with returning to residential areas for second and third delivery attempts will be eliminated. And, customers will be very happy that courier companies are encouraging their employees to use Got-it Boxes when asked. It's a win-win for everyone involved!

  • Retailers can support Got-it Box and Got-it Box owners by adding a special shipping instruction tab on the checkout section of their websites. 
  • Courier companies can support Got-it Box and Got-it Box owners by following the instructions provided for accessing and locking the Got-it Boxes they encounter. 
  • And Got-it Box owners can thank the retailers and couriers for making their package deliveries as convenient as possible! Social media! 

Everybody wins! 

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