With summer comes outdoor events!

Well, we did it. We had our first Got-it Box event!

We took our promo-tent, a couple of Got-it Boxes and a pile of giveaways down to Stephen Ave.Walk in Calgary. 
Being that it was our first event we were excited and a little nervous. We really had no idea what to expect: Would people like Got-it Box? Would they 'get it'? Would our tent draw the attention we were hoping for? So Many Questions! 

We're happy to report that it was a success! We were very satisfied leaving Stephen Ave. after 5-hours of talking to curious passers-by. We heard things like, "Ok I"ll bite, tell me about this thing," and "WHAT is a Got-it Box?" There were also some folks who just stood by us and stared at the GIBs, eventually deciding to either ask questions or move on.

The reactions and comments we heard were positive and encouraging! Mostly, we spoke to people who thought Got-it Box was a great idea. There were a few "aha" moments where people said they would love to have something like this because they have a few inconveniences that Got-it Box would cure.

If you're in the Calgary area, we'll be back at Stephen Ave. Walk on June 19th and 20th.
For a list of upcoming events where you can visit the Got-it Box tent click here.

Come check us out!