Building the Got-it Box social media presence

In order to build a brand these days you need to develop a social media presence. There are many resources online that suggest ways to do this. We decided to take different things into consideration when laying the groundwork for the Got-it Box social media.

We decided that Twitter, Facebook and Youtube would be the best platforms. And who knows, maybe we'll add a few more as we move forward. 

Social media is a great way to educate the market place about Got-it Box. It's important for consumers, retailers and couriers to know about this new product that will make everyone's lives more convenient! 

We can do this with text of course, but also pictures and video. There are many possibilities for showcasing Got-it Box and the convenience it offers. 

Everyone can probably think of a friend or two who could definitely use a Got-it Box.
So, give us a follow or a like, pass on our social media pages and don't forget to tell your friends and family about this new product!

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